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Smokeless Tobacco is ancient history – let’s keep it that way!

Despite sounding like a modern invention to attract more tobacco users, smokeless tobacco is a thing of the past. This chewable substance, often known as chew or snuff, dates back as early as 3500 B.C.! Why has something so dangerous and unappealing remained popular for so long, you ask?  Well, many in the past had an excuse that we don’t – they didn’t know any better.


Many people in ancient Peru and Mexico saw any form of tobacco as a valuable trading substance.  Smokeless tobacco was thought to some, in those days, to have medical benefits. Native Americans used to use tobacco to treat insect, snake and spider bites. In the 1800s and early 1900s, many  in the U.S. thought it would whiten teeth, or cure scurvy and other deadly diseases. There were, however, many others who were wise beyond their years and knew the harmful effects of smokeless tobacco that are so well-known today.


Long ago, in China, the sentence was death if you were caught with any form of tobacco. King Louis XV of France banned smokeless tobacco from his court for over 50 years, and King James VI of Scotland raised taxes on any form of tobacco by 4,000 percent! Not only was smokeless tobacco seen as a health risk, but also a vile and ugly habit.


In recent years, it has been found that smokeless tobacco may lead to potentially fatal illnesses such as gum disease or oral cancer.  On top of the health risks,  smokeless tobacco can take a toll on your wallet.  Here in Providence, we’re doing all we can to make sure our residents are informed about the dangers of using tobacco products.


So, leave what’s history in the  past and, together, build a brighter, safer and healthier future for us all that’s free from the harmful effects of tobacco.




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