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Think like an Olympian

With the 2012 Summer Olympics in full swing, now is the perfect time to think about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.   Every Olympian currently overseas in London has worked hard to maintain the greatest standard of physical health. While we can’t all be Olympic athletes, every one of us can try to be our healthiest by eating well, exercising and staying away from tobacco products.


Olympic athletes need strong hearts and lungs to push through their demanding, high-intensity competitions. Although we may not all be Olympians, we all need strong hearts and lungs to live long, healthy lives.  Tobacco products may lead to many different forms of cancer, heart disease and emphysema.  Poisoning your body with tobacco won’t help you become a champion – having the confidence to say “no” to tobacco products will.


The Olympic Games take measures to ensure the health and safety of the competing athletes, including protecting them from secondhand smoke. Smoking is banned inside of the Olympic and Paralympic venues, as well as in all enclosed public places in England. Outdoor venues enforce smoke-free laws as well, with very few designated smoking areas. Olympic athletes know better than to risk something so important – their health. Apart from a gold medal, tobacco puts lives at risk – the most valuable possession of all.


Follow the example of our Olympic heroes this summer. Be the healthiest champion that you can be by avoiding dangerous tobacco products!



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