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We’ve previously talked about Sweet Deceit (flavored tobacco products designed to attract new, young smokers, and lower prices to make tobacco more accessible to youth). Check out these quick tobacco facts, below!


Regarding flavored tobacco products:


-Candy and fruit flavors mask the bad taste and smell of tobacco, making it easier for kids to start using tobacco products?

-Flavored tobacco products are just as addictive as regular tobacco products. Many kids think flavored tobacco products are safer than regular tobacco products – this isn’t true. All tobacco products contain nicotine, the primary addictive chemical that makes it so hard to quit using tobacco?

-Tobacco companies sell sweet-flavored tobacco in the form of cigars, cigarillos, dip and other products that look like breath mints and gum. Some flavors include strawberry, peach, chocolate, apple and blueberry. These products can get kids hooked – they may not seem as harmful because of their taste and packaging, but they are.


Regarding tobacco pricing:


-Research shows that increasing the cost of a pack of cigarettes is the single most effective deterrent to smoking. According to the American Lung Association, a 10% increase in the price of cigarettes reduces consumption by about 7% for youth and 4% for adults.

-Youth are the most responsive and sensitive to cigarette price increases. And making it as inconvenient, difficult and expensive for kids to get cigarettes reduces the number of kids who try or regularly smoke cigarettes.


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